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A message of #SocialCloseness from our CEO

The absolutely imperative Coronavirus restrictions have made running our businesses the toughest mountain many of us have ever climbed. If nothing else they’ve made us realise just how valuable our loved ones, our liberty and our livelihoods are. With everything closing down, like you I’m permanently looking up at the clouds for a glimmer of sunshine to break through. How long will this last and how relieved will we be at the end?!

I know you’ve got the spirit of the Blitz coursing through your veins. You’re busy shoring up the defence of your family castle and the survival of your business fortress and you’re taking it a day at a time.

We’re doing the same and we’ve found something that gives me a ray of hope. We’re talking. We’re talking to our customers and other businesses every day. We’re doing what human beings do best: we’re communicating. Some people are fortunate because they appear to be in Corona-proof products and services and still have plenty going on. Many more are unsure about the future so are consolidating. They’re gripping the wallet with both hands.

So, this isn’t a typical CEO Announcement: it’s the Social Closeness alternative. Like yours, all our staff are working from home, some in isolation, and have had a week or so to become expert on all the video communications platforms out there. We’re talking to people about what it’s like out there for everyone. We’re sharing the happy stories and the battening down the hatches stories. We’re taking part in the what the hell do we do next chats. While safely practicing social distancing – we’re also safely engaged in social closeness with you and people like you. In the coming weeks, many of my colleagues will be recording and releasing video about something that’s important to them. It might be business or the economy but equally it might be about their mum, walking in the sunshine or the good news flowing out of China.

We’ll be there for you on VC Day, when we achieve Victory over Corona, so that we can help you reach out and connect to tomorrow’s customers and grow your businesses and livelihoods strong again. So, if at any time you want to call, email, Skype, or WhatsApp any of us and we’ll happily volunteer to be the human being you can be close to, without there being a downside.

Best wishes for Victory and a return to our normal lives.