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With AdNozzles® adverting motorists hold the fuel nozzle for 2-3 minutes

People see your advert for an average of 52 seconds

Motorists remember seeing AdNozzles®

every 4 weeks at a roadside forecourt

every 4 weeks at a supermarket forecourt

You get all the fuel nozzles at your local petrol station

Gas station


Tesco, Sainsbury’s


BP, Esso, Texaco, Murco,
Jet and others



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Why AdNozzles®?

A petrol station forecourt is the perfect location to engage with the local community, as it’s the point that helps people to connect from A to B. And by working with us, you’ll get your message into the hands of thousands of local people by performing what we like to call ‘the nozzle handshake’.

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