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Innovative but successful methods to market your gym

Posted on October 21, 2019 by T4Local

The fitness industry is rapidly becoming one of the most competitive and developed industries in the UK, with more people signing up to gyms and fitness clubs than ever before. Where previously the fitness industry was primarily dominated by individual gyms or leisure centres, the industry has witnessed the development of large multinational corporations introducing […]

What social media platforms should charities use?

Posted on October 18, 2019 by T4Local

Social media has rapidly become interwoven with nearly every aspect of our day-to-day lives and is now an ever-present element of modern society. With the increased penetration of social media platforms into modern day society, social media has become an integral element of charity marketing campaigns, an element which is being used more and more […]

The Best Marketing techniques for successful estate agents

Posted on October 14, 2019 by T4Local

The property market is one of the UK’s largest and most competitive marketplace. While buying and selling house can be a painstaking and expensive process, the competition between estate agents to gain your attention is even more competitive and ruthless. For a local estate agent to gain any business to start, they must not only […]

Is digital marketing the only option for Charities?

Posted on October 09, 2019 by T4Local

Digital marketing offers charities a vast array of opportunities in outreaching to a wide audience. While the opportunities are vast, the competition charities face on digital platforms is significant. Despite the level of competition, digital marketing has changed the face of charities and how they approach their fundraising and marketing campaigns. Through the prominence of […]

Grand Restaurant opening ideas

Posted on October 01, 2019 by T4Local

Hopefully you have got the concept for your restaurant down to a T. You have developed a world class menu, hired some of the best staff around and you’re ready to go – the only thing left to consider next is your grand opening. The grand opening is your chance to give all your hard […]

Which Social media platform is best for restaurants?

Posted on September 24, 2019 by T4Local

Restaurants want to and should strive to engage with their clientele or target customer base. With the introduction of social media into every aspect of our lives, social media marketing has become an increasingly important element of digital marketing. Social media marketing can be defined as a form of digital marketing that utilises social media […]

How can I attract more people to my gym?

Posted on September 17, 2019 by T4Local

Health and fitness have become important factors within everyday lifestyle in recent years. Exercise and healthy eating are now a part of our society and is a multimillion-pound business. So how do you attract people to your gym? What makes yours better, different and the winner? It could be something as simple as location for […]

Is Vegan a Word to be Avoided in Restaurant Marketing?

Posted on September 11, 2019 by T4Local

Owning or managing a restaurant is a tough job but incredibly rewarding. You want to bring customers in not only for business, but because you are proud of the delicious food on offer. Although, there potentially is a gap in the market that you have been missing out on… vegans. The vegan market is huge […]

4 of the Best Charity Marketing Campaigns of All Time

Posted on September 03, 2019 by T4Local

When you take a step away from all he turmoil and political uncertainty, society is full of good and is incredibly supporting. The good in the world comes from the number of large charity campaigns that are addressing several important issues across the globe. From mental health to animal welfare, and supporting veterans, charities today […]

What Does Technology Mean for Estate Agent Marketing?

Posted on August 27, 2019 by T4Local

Today, technology dominates how the marketing divisions of companies try to interact, engage and communicate with prospective customers. With the increasing ease of access to sources of information and an increased interest in interactive media, consumers have become progressively more independent in collecting product information and market research. With technological advances, especially in relation to […]