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Frequently Asked Questions – t4Local

      • How long can I advertise for?

        Our standard advertising period is four weeks, and you can book your campaign for any additional period e.g. 8 weeks, 12 weeks or even longer if you wish.

      • Can I start my advertising campaign at any time?

        We operate two campaign start dates every month. These are visible on the Discovery page of the website.

      • How many nozzles do I get on a forecourt?

        You get all the nozzles on the forecourt. On average a standard petrol forecourt has 16 nozzles and a supermarket has 30.

      • Will my competitors be allowed to advertise at the same time as me?

        No. Never.

      • Do I need to do my own artwork or can you do it for me?

        It’s entirely up to you. You can produce your own artwork using our Artwork Guidelines, or we can produce it for you. Choose the option you would like on the checkout page.

      • Where can I find ideas for artwork?

        Within the artwork section of the website you will find free templates as well as ideas for templates. You can also see some campaigns that have already run in our Gallery.

      • How do I find the petrol stations that are local to me?

        Just input the postcode that interests you into the site finder.

      • How do I pay for my campaign?

        All online bookings need to be prepaid with a valid credit/debit card. You can pay by BACS, Paypal, Cheque or credit card for telephone bookings. We need to have received your cleared payment a minimum of 14 working days before your campaign goes live. Call us for more information.

      • Can I book a petrol station for longer than 3 months?

        Of course. Give us a call or send us an email and we will be happy to discuss all options available to you.

      • Are there any restrictions of what I can advertise?

        We cannot accept any religious or political messaging whatsoever. in addition all campaigns are subject to final approval from our oil company partners. For further information, please see our artwork specification.