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2 reasons why leaflets are an expensive roll of the dice


Do you like to gamble with your marketing budget? Simple, straightforward and easily produced, the leaflet ‘on paper’ can seem like a sure-fire bet. Yet dig a little deeper and you will see that this form of marketing can often turn out to be an expensive roll of the dice.

Hitting the target

The first step in marketing your business is identifying your ideal customer. All your activities should then be designed to connect with this target group with a compelling message which directly appeals to them. Leaflets are a mass market tool used to convey general information- which won’t help if you are aiming for a direct hit with your specific clients. In reality there are more creative ways of making these important connections.

Distribution dilemmas

The big question with leaflets is how to distribute them without annoying people. How often have you returned home at night to wade through a sea of junk mail? If you go for a postal distribution method, your leaflet is floating in this sea! Attaching them to cars or handing them out in the street can also cause annoyance. Keep your money for marketing methods which won’t end up in the recycling bin!

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