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2 reasons why your website isn’t getting you the enquiries you want


1.You are so annoying

Well, not you personally, but some elements of your website might be so off-putting that potential customers are being driven away. Marketing ideas, such as invasive pop-ups or patronising copy, are more likely to make your customers tweet “@YourBusiness #GetInTheSea” than get in touch for more info.

Consider using surveys and taking notice of customer feedback (especially angry tweets) to make sure your website isn’t getting up anyone’s nose.

2. You are not targeting your best audience

There’s always a chance that you are just not targeting your audience effectively. If you’re expecting young social media users to engage with your content, you need something shareable and info-rich, for example.

Use demographic analytics (like Google Analytics) to find out who your website is reaching and compare that data to your ideal customer demographics. If they don’t overlap you need to make some changes to your web presence!

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