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How can I attract more people to my gym?

How can I attract more people to my gym? t4Local

Health and fitness have become important factors within everyday lifestyle in recent years. Exercise and healthy eating are now a part of our society and is a multimillion-pound business. So how do you attract people to your gym? What makes yours better, different and the winner? It could be something as simple as location for some consumers, but for others, it is the attracting deals, one-of-a-kind space, and the incentives included in the membership.

Something that could put people off your gym is a long contract that ties consumers in. Although this is a good way to encourage consumers to come and use the facilities that they are paying for, it can result in potential customers not signing up to the membership. Have a think about your membership contract and whether it should be removed completely. A monthly rolling contract makes it easy for consumers to choose how they want their membership to continue, giving the consumer this power enforces trust in your business.

Attracting people to your gym can be difficult with all the competition that you are up against; it might be time to think about your business hours. Due to people working all kinds of hours throughout the day and night, 24-hour gyms are on the rise. Consider extending your gym hours so that those who want to work out that little earlier or later can come and have a session when it suits them.

Make sure your gym has a presence online through social media and a good website. Consumers will want to be able to interact with your gym staff online rather than calling or coming into the gym sometimes. Not only is it a great way to interact with customers, but to advertise to potential customers and create more brand awareness. You can promote events and membership deals through your social media platforms.

Rather than selling your gym to your potential customers, keep them motivated with tips and helpful information. Set them achievable goals and challenges to keep them coming back. For example, a weight loss challenge that all members have a choice of taking part in. Weight loss is the main motivated for members to join a gym, a challenge that is dedicated solely to weight loss will attract more people into your gym. Why not extend the challenges to local corporations around the area? Some healthy competition for corporations around the local area to get the most ‘points’ per employee that does a certain fitness activity.

What entices people to a gym? Not only the facilities and maybe a good deal, but the overall a sense of community within your gym. Your gym staff are at the heart of creating a gym community, taking the time to get to know members, and always being friendly and ready to help, creating customer loyalty. Community is through shared targets and challenges also, by members sharing and striving for the same achievements will be rewarding when they complete the challenge or target, as members will have mutual achievements to share with one another, and a good talking point.

In conclusion, a good gym marketing strategy will include tactics to entice the new customers as well as keeping your repeated, loyal customers happy.