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How Can Local Advertising That Works Help You?


Have you built your company on press, but now it’s not working? Well we are here to help.

Take newspapers for example. Let’s face it, no one reads them anymore. It’s just old fashioned now. Major titles such as The Independent; all gone. Everyone has now started to go online. The consumption habits have now changed over to smartphones and tablets. That is the only way individuals are now reading.

When businesses are advertising in newspapers, think about how much competition they had just on that one page. Your advert is surrounded by your competitors, and this makes it a lot harder to stand out amongst the crowd. Secondly, how do you know how many people have viewed your advert? Well, there is no way to track those figures. One figure we do know, is that press circulation has gone down by 42% in the past 10 years. So whatever you think you’re buying today, well it’s gone down by nearly half.

On a daily basis, our customers ask us what new and different ways there are to advertise their business. There’s only one simple answer to that. Local Advertising That Works.

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