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How one local business took on the big chains

In any economic climate, it can be challenging for a local business owner to generate consistent sales, but it’s even harder when you’re competing against global brands in your local area.

It might seem like a David vs Goliath type situation when you’re a small business owner with a strict advertising budget trying to compete with larger retail chains. We spoke to Counter owner, Phillip Reicherstor, who decided to creatively engage potential customers, without spending huge amounts of money.

As a newly established bar and brasserie in Vauxhall, Phillip needed to get Counter into people’s consciousness. Not an easy task while trying to turn the heads of loyal customers from nearby coffee chains. He discovered AdGate advertising grabbed the attention of caffeine-thirsty commuters as they walked out of Vauxhall station. As a result of people seeing Counter’s message on AdGates, their coffee sales more than doubled in two weeks.

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