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What does t4Local do?

In short, we sell motorists – lots of them!

Mums on their way home from the school run, the local brickie nipping to a shop to grab a sarnie (because they already had their lunch at half eight!), a young couple on their way to the cinema, cabbies, celebrity chef James Martin, students, nurses, teachers, gingers, business owners, amateur photographers, delivery drivers, estate agents in those brightly branded Smart Cars, trade unionists, people who put ketchup on everything (including roast dinners!), Bitcoin miners, football coaches, more cabbies, fat people, thin people, true believers, agnostics, men, women, children… actually, notchildren. You get the idea, they’re all the type of people who use a car to get where they need to go.

The question you need to ask yourself is – how many do you want?

We sell them in batches:

16,000 or 48,000 at a time.

Over a four week period, that’s how many will hold your message in their hand, per location.

“Why the difference in numbers?” Some are busier than others basically.

16,000 motorists use a classic roadside petrol forecourt (that’s your BP, Esso, Texaco, Gulf, Jet types) every four weeks.

48,000 motorists visit a supermarket fuel station (Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Morrisons) every four weeks.

“How the **** do you know?” (That’s been a genuine comment on one of our Facebook adverts *sigh*) – because the oil companies tell us that’s how many buy fuel from them. It’s all verified and accounted for, obviously.

How much is it?

A roadside petrol station will set you back £299 (+ VAT) for a four week run.

A supermarket on the other hand costs £478 (+VAT) for four weeks.

For that, you’ll get the lot – every nozzle on the forecourt of your choice.

Bit of backchat for the know-it-alls

“Nobody ever looks at them” (Another all too frequent Facebook comment)

Firstly, congratulations on knowing every motorist in the UK. That’s 45 million people. It must have taken ages to track them all down, and really really tedious to have asked them if they’d ever noticed an advert on a fuel nozzle.

We’ve commissioned independent research, and the average fill-up takes about 2-3 minutes, and motorists will gaze longingly (made that bit up) at the nozzle for 52 seconds (that’s true).

“At my local xyz forecourt, it’s always your adverts on the nozzles”

Firstly, shame on you for lying to the bloke above, but yeah, time for some full disclosure – we operate around 4,000 locations nationwide. If we were constantly at maximum occupancy, then you wouldn’t be here and neither would we. We’d be drinking something fizzy somewhere nice. Actually, that could be why hardly anyone advertises at your local petrol station – you live somewhere a bit rubbish (j/k, it’s probably lovely).

“If it’s so good why are you advertising on Facebook?”

We advertise in a bunch of places – do you? As far as we’re concerned, the more the merrier; everyone’s welcome.

“Something something ROI” *smug face*

Good one! We don’t offer any kind of guarantee above the agreed number of motorists that will see your advert. We’ll give you their undivided attention for about a minute. What you say to them is your business. Literally. Just because you’re selling doesn’t mean they’re buying. What would make you act on something you’ve seen?

Why t4Local?

Well, we’ve been doing this for about 20 years (hence the cynicism), and we’re actually pretty good at what we do. We’ve worked with thousands of businesses over the years, from household name brands to one-man-bands, councils, charities and everyone in between.

We’ve actually been chosen as one of the top small businesses in the country by Small Business Saturday this year and are part of their SmallBiz100 list, which we’re over the moon about.

The process of using us is really easy, we can even handle the design of your artwork for you if you like?

What next?

If you fill in the form below, one of our highly-skilled sales team (or ‘Steve’ as we call him) will call you back at the time specified. Steve is actually a really nice bloke who knows what he’s talking about, so by the end of the call you’ll know everything there is to know about AdNozzles®. Go on…