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AdNozzles drive customers into our stores

We have previously used local press and radio to promote our products and services, but the AdNozzles are outperforming these formats and delivering terrific results for us! Unlike a newspaper or radio ad that is instantly forgotten after the event, motorists have to hold the nozzle in their hand for the whole time they are filling up. Fuel buyers will often visit the same forecourt several times during each campaign and are therefore repeatedly exposed to our messaging.

A significant number of people have said they saw our AdNozzle messages on local forecourts and have come into the store as a result.

The service we receive when booking AdNozzles is excellent. t4Local assists us in planning a variety of creative messages and different forecourts which keep our campaigns fresh and ensure the best coverage. If AdNozzles continue to produce the same great results for us, we will be using them for a long time to come.

Martin Moran
Purchasing Director at MP Moran Builders