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AdNozzles drive increase in MOT bookings

With most advertising formats, you don’t know who is looking at your message, but with AdNozzles at petrol forecourts, you can be sure that 100% of your audience will be motorists. This makes fuel nozzles a very cost effective option compared with some other forms of media that we have used. Local Advertising That Works works with a wide range of forecourts, so we were able to select the locations that were in direct proximity to our five branches. The focus for this campaign was an MOT promotion and we measured the success of the activity by monitoring our bookings. We were delighted to see an increase as a result of the campaign and as AdNozzles were the only format used, we can directly attribute the success of the promotion to them. The entire process from initial conversation right through to the campaign going live was exceptionally smooth and I would recommend AdNozzles to any business wanting to target motorists.

Natasha Holland
Media Planner/Buyer at Carshop