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Astounded by huge response to AdNozzle campaign

Our AdNozzles look great, people have seen them, they’ve walked into our showroom and then bought our products! What more could we hope for from our advertising? The Digital Kitchens showroom and factory provides kitchens and bedrooms to both the trade and public. It’s a challenge to stand out from our competitors – we offer great quality at low prices, but if people don’t know about us, we won’t sell our products. It’s great to find an advertising format that is so effective at getting our message out to local people.

We are astounded at the great response we’ve had since starting our AdNozzle campaigns. People in the local area regularly comment on them and we can directly attribute sales to this activity. For us, they have more than paid for themselves and they are part of our forward planning throughout this year and beyond!

Craig Bryson
Group Partner at Digital Kitchens