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Driving online traffic

Essex Auto Group offers a wide range of makes and models, which means our customer base is very diverse. However, the one place that all cars congregate is a petrol station. The AdNozzles are undoubtedly the most targeted part of our multi-media campaign. After all, you can’t pick up a petrol pump nozzle without looking at it and the person holding it is usually the person responsible for running the vehicle. In raising awareness of Essex Auto Group, we want to drive people online to our website where they can see our great range of vehicles and detailed information. Then, when they are ready to buy a new car, they will already be thinking of us. We have seen an impressive surge in online traffic and an increased number of leads as a result of our advertising and the AdNozzles have contributed significantly to this uplift, making them an essential part of our ongoing activity.

Matt Brown
Marketing Director at Essex Auto Group