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Essex County Council

t4Local’s petrol pump nozzles were selected for the Essex County Council’s ‘Life Begins at 50’ campaign because of their capacity to reach motorists quickly and effectively with a minimum amount of wastage. Forecourt media allows us to target Essex motorists specifically at relatively low entry costs. This, coupled with a geographically relevant message, makes it a highly effective medium for our campaign.

The success of the ‘Life Begins At 50’ campaign was based on the reduction of speed related driving offences with the implementation of speed cameras. As a whole, speed offences were reduced considerably immediately after the campaign commenced.

The team at t4Local was very professional from start to finish, and provided all essential information to ensure the chosen artwork would deliver the biggest impact for the campaign. I have no hesitation in recommending t4Local to anyone wanting to target motorists when they are most receptive.

Tom Watts
Associate Director at Rathbone Media