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Generating a buzz of excitement with AdNozzles

As the manager of Olivelimes, I take great pride in offering an exceptional dining experience to my guests and try to ensure that our advertising reflects this. I have had many different ideas to promote Olivelimes in the past, but this was the first time I have used AdNozzles. As it is such a unique way of advertising, I felt there was a good chance that people would notice my ad.  In particular, because I was the only advertiser on the forecourt I knew that it would build awareness of Olivelimes locally. I visited the forecourt during the campaign to see the ads for myself and they looked great! I also placed a replica AdNozzle in the restaurant to show people what we were doing and that certainly generated a buzz of excitement and interest amongst our guests. The campaign was well executed and the reach was fantastic with approximately 32,000 people seeing our ad in just eight weeks. I would have no hesitation in recommending AdNozzles and will be considering them again in the future for reaching the local community.

Mohammad Hasan
General Manager at Olivelimes