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I re-booked it for an additional 28 weeks!

Our AdNozzles advertising campaign was so effective, I re-booked it for an additional 28 weeks! We had tried all the traditional advertising methods, and were really not overly impressed with lacklustre results. We then tried advertising at our local supermarket petrol forecourt – the initial results were impressive and we could see the potential for further promotion in this way. In fact, we were so happy with our 8 week campaign, that we re-booked for a further 28 weeks.

This campaign was an exciting time for us, trying out petrol nozzle advertising for the first time. It’s so relevant for communicating directly with our local customers. Initially we chose the nearest forecourt to our garage and had an amazing number of people filling up over the 8 week period. Every pump nozzle displayed our business details, so every motorist that filled up could see our name. This made us really stand out from other local garages.

We have now booked more forecourts with greater coverage, and look forward to seeing positive results over the coming months!

Rob Haylett
at Paynes Garage