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Recruitment made simple

“T4Local has contributed towards our Milton Keynes factory expansion by publishing recruitment/hiring ads. The local community is at the heart of everything we do, so being able to target our desired demographic within the MK area was great for us.

“The triple messaging on the fuel nozzles was quick, simple and efficient. This enabled us to broadcast the fact that we are rapidly expanding and will have permanent roles available for early next year.

“The campaign dates were timed appropriately to tie in with Temporary Christmas employment ending. Our communication was engaging while still staying true to our brand guidelines and raising brand awareness.

“After the experience with T4Local on our first fuel pump advertising campaign, we would not hesitate in the future for future opportunities. The process was straight-forward, fast and highly effective. Thanks to Syd who saw our project through from start to finish and made sure that everything ran smoothly.”

David Bell
Marketing Executive at Brioche Pasquier