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Soft Mints hit the forecourt

We selected t4Local’s forecourt media formats as an integral part of a wider out of home campaign to support our Softmints brand. The dual messaging on the petrol pump nozzle, combined with the door graphic, worked together to create a forecourt journey. This meant that we were able to communicate with our consumers at two key touch-points.

This was valuable in raising brand awareness amongst a relevant audience. In addition, the campaign was able to prompt impulse sales in the forecourt shop. Over four weeks, the campaign achieved an impressive 2.8 million impacts.

As 75% of motorists will purchase their mints at a forecourt convenience outlet*, this was an ideal environment within which to communicate the Trebor brand.

The campaign process from booking through to execution was excellent and we would have no hesitation in running forecourt media activity with t4Local in the future.

Rebecca Clay
Media Planner at London based agency, PHD