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Success in Scotland with AdNozzles

I was pretty happy with my advertising and the results it was delivering, but I’m always looking out for opportunities that will enable me to target potential customers in the area. Fuel nozzles are a great way to showcase new models, highlight the services we can offer and most importantly, direct people to our dealership.The new and used car market is incredibly competitive and I’m always keen to ensure that we don’t miss any opportunity to bring in new business, so by ‘owning’ space on the local forecourts where people are filling up their cars every day I can be sure that Fife SEAT is front of mind when they come to buy or service a vehicle.

I was so impressed by the results from my initial campaign of just two forecourts, that my subsequent bookings have increased to three and then five sites and I would highly recommend this media to anyone looking to increase sales (although perhaps with the exception of my competitors in Fife!)

Mark McKenna
Owner at Fife SEAT