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Who are we?


We don’t want to bore you by telling you about our history. But we have been on this planet for 25 years with 25 staff members. For all those years, Greg has been the CEO of our company and has worked hard to grow the business to where it is now.

Fuel Nozzle Advertising has grown rapidly in the past few years, and we have 25 devotees that can help you and your business rise to its full potential. AdNozzles are the smartest way of getting your business name and message in front of locals who are your target market. When you do come on board with us and advertise on our Nozzles, there are 5 things that are guaranteed:

– They will hold your advert in their hand.

– It will be in their hand for an average of 2-3 minutes.

– Great offers tend to gain attention and interest.

– We can tell you how many people see your advert (48,000 for supermarket and 16,000 at a local roadside petrol station every four weeks).


The reason we are here as an organisation, is to help you reach the people you want us to reach, in the areas you want. No two ways about it; it’s as simple as that. Our goal isn’t to sell you advertising. It’s to reach the maximum audience in its potential for your organisation to grow. Remember, if you grow, we grow. To help ourselves, we need to help you first. That is our main goal.

Our fuel nozzles are the best way to connect with your audience and attract them to your business, at a local level. Want to find out how it can benefit you and your business? Why not call us on 020 7633 2859 and speak to Greg. He will be delighted to answer all your lovely questions.