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Mega ride with Stagecoach

Posted on March 18, 2019 by T4 Local

t4Local’s nozzles are the ideal communication tool to directly reach our target audience. As a leading international transportation group, it was the logical choice to promote our ‘Megarider Bus Tickets’ throughout selected locations, as part of a wider campaign. During this campaign, sales for the travel tickets were monitored on a weekly basis with extremely […]

Cruising to Proximity Success

Posted on by T4 Local

The ability to identify forecourts within selected postcodes is an effective way for P&O to run a proximity campaign, as it allows the company to reach the right people in a very cost effective manner.

Drivers Wanted

Posted on by T4 Local

t4Local’s network of diesel pump nozzles proved a perfect match for National Express’s campaign to recruit coach drivers, by targeting regions with high frequency diesel consumption, including Gatwick and Heathrow. There is currently a shortage of suitably qualified drivers and t4Local enabled National Express to run a proximity campaign targeted at a very specific, captive […]

Smart Advertising

Posted on by T4 Local

I am delighted with the response that I have received. As a local business advertising locally I know that AdNozzles have worked for me. Not a day goes by without a friend or client mentioning that they have seen my pump adverts. Well worth the investment.

Making the move to AdNozzles

Posted on by T4 Local

We were looking for an innovative way to stand out in a crowded marketplace and with AdNozzles we have found that solution. As a new business, this campaign was about launching Masons in the local area and quickly establishing it as a trusted brand and not just another Estate Agent. Whilst we use local press, […]

AdNozzles play crucial part in property success

Posted on by T4 Local

Attracting vendors and buyers is a competitive business and it’s often tricky to stand out locally. We loved the idea of using AdNozzles due to them being unmissable as every fuel buyer has to literally hold the advert in their hand. It’s a great way to really engage with new people and tell them about […]

Getting your teeth in order

Posted on by T4 Local

We have been very pleased with our advertising on the petrol pumps through t4Local. A constant presence in the marketplace is something we aim to achieve, along with reaching for conscious awareness of our brand in the local population. The petrol pump advert has been noticed by more people than any other recent adverts that […]

I have no doubt that AdNozzles had a positive effect

Posted on by T4 Local

AdNozzles formed part of our advertising activity to promote food and garden waste collections, which included print, web, social and local media formats. I have no doubt that AdNozzles had a positive effect on our two core objectives which were to increase tonnages of food waste and increase the number of subscriptions to our garden […]

Teaming up with AdNozzles

Posted on by T4 Local

We needed to communicate with adults aged 21+ who live within Powys. As the county is both large and rural, people often spend a lot of time on the road, travelling to school, work, shopping etc, so we felt that AdNozzles were ideal to draw people in as they filled up their cars with fuel. […]

AdNozzles are ‘best fit’ in campaign against drink driving

Posted on by T4 Local

There were a vast range of media formats available to us for promoting this message, but AdNozzles were the best fit as they enabled us to target 100% motorists and every interaction took place during a journey, including those that were on the way to a night out.In that quiet moment where each person filled […]